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  A crazy genious?
The artist Arthur Bispo do Rosário (1909-1989) spent 50 years in a mental asylum in Rio de Janeiro...
  Pluft, the friendly ghost
Pluft is a great day out for
  Arnaldo Antunes .
Silence between the men who are
Silence whilst they speak...
City Jam - Londres Anniversary Jungle Brasil Tô Dentro!
  City Jam - São Paulo  
  City Jam takes São Paulo by storm
3.000 people went crazy during the event that had Los Hermanos as it's highlight. Check out the pictures!
Hold On!
Under construction
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Trio Virgulino is one of Brasil's top...
The grooviest Batmacumba...
This is Ellie Kurts' photo exhibition...
The evening will offer live samba...